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UCPS Alumni Owned Small Businesses

American Circuits, Ket Gondha, Sun Valley High, 1997

Axe Doods, Anthony and Riley Gogatz, Forest Hills High, 2014 and 2016

Boda Plumbing, David Boda, Sun Valley High, 2000

B&M Auto Upholstery and Glass, Jeff and Amanda Tarlton, Forest Hills High, 1999 and 2001

Country Strong Functional Conditioning, 704-968-1487 Jeff Stallings, Piedmont High, 1988

Dandelion and Friends, Hannah Harris, Piedmont High, 2008

France Legacy, LLC dba Wisdom Senior Care, Ken and Janessa France, Parkwood High 2003 (Janessa McGee)

Funroe Board Company, Julian, Monroe High 2003 Find them on Facebook and Instagram

Haigler Handcrafted, Byron Haigler, Piedmont High, 2004

If It's Digital Photography, Darcy DeMart, Monroe High, 1993

Leitner, Bragg, and Griffin,  Tee Leitner, Monroe High, 2003; Ellie Bragg, Monroe High, 2008; Jordan Griffin, Piedmont High, 2008

Erika Melson PhotographyErika Melson, Piedmont High, 2007

Michael T. Evola, Notary Public, Michael Evola, Central Academy of Technology and Arts, 2015

Oasis Sandwich Shop Monroe High

Pro Tech Glass LLC, Travis and Dani Rigo, Weddington High, 2013 and 2012

Superior Home Medical, Courtney Garrison, Monroe High, 1994 

Red Radish

White Bounce House