BizEd Teach for a Day

During National Education week in November, BizEd celebrates the excellent public education that we all enjoy in Union County and offers business and community leaders ways to connect with schools.

Tuesday-Teach for a Day—Teach a topic you are passionate about in a high school classroom. Get ready to be recognized in the grocery store by enthusiastic teenagers.

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TeachForADay   Edwards Monroe   Sun Valley 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I talk about?

Volunteers feature topics such as, “Social and Academic Transitions to College,” “Practicing Law,” “All Things Veterinary,” and “Dreaming Your Dreams.” Talk about a subject that energizes you and the students will pick up on your passion. Remember that this is not a sales pitch, but an educational event designed to encourage the next generation.

When do I arrive at the school?

Please arrive at the time listed beside your school of preference on the registration form. (Typically 9 am) We will be hosting a reception, with light refreshments, in your honor. This is a great time to network with your peers and meet with school administrators. When you register, you will receive a confirmation email with your arrival time listed again.

How long do I have to talk? 

The class period is approximately 90 minutes. You may use between 30-60 minutes to speak and the remaining class period for questions. You are not required to use the entire 90 minutes, but you are welcome to!

Where do I go when I get to the school?

Please sign in at the front office and you will be escorted to the BizEd reception.

Can I bring a digital presentation?

Yes. Bring your presentation on a thumb drive and list “Projector and Screen” in the Volunteer Needs field on the online registration form.

When will I learn what type of class I have been assigned to?

Principals and their staff will assign volunteers to classes the week before BizEd Teach for a Day. You may not know what type of class you are in until you arrive at the school that morning. It will help school personnel assign you to the most appropriate class if you list your preference when you register. (i.e. Anatomy, Math etc.)

Will I be assigned to the school I request?

The sooner you register the more likely you are to receive the school you request. Each school can only accommodate a certain number of volunteers. The Foundation will contact you if we need to change your assigned school.

Can I bring promotional items?

Yes! Many speakers bring a token for the students such as candy or a promotional item that relates to your business. Be creative!

When does registration close? Registration closes on Tuesday, November 1st at 5 pm Register early!