BizEd Read for a Day

 Union Power

During National Education week in November, BizEd celebrates the excellent public education that we all enjoy in Union County and offers business and community leaders ways to connect with schools.

Monday-Read for a Day—Spend your morning reading to a group of K-5th grade students at one of our 30 elementary schools. Be prepared for big smiles and laughter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be at the school?

  • Plan to be at school from 8:30-10 am

Can I request a certain grade level?

  • Please indicate on your registration if you have a grade level preference.

Can I read to more than one classroom?

  • Hopefully! Depending on availability you might be able to read to more than one classroom.

What should I bring with me?

  • Any books of your own that you’d like to read to the kids. Consider bringing a book to donate to the school Media Center. For example, in 2015 Pat Kahle, the President of the Union County Chamber of Commerce, read the book “2030” to a class at Benton Heights School of the Arts and then donated the book to the Media Center. If you want to donate books to individual children please plan to bring enough for two classrooms–50 to 60 books.